Festival of Martinmas

We love festivals at Pumpkin Creek Academy!  During the week of November 13th, we will celebrate an ancient festival originating in France called Martinmas.

St. Martin, who as a young man passed under an archway of the city of Amiens and discovered a poor beggar huddled there. The man was barely clothed, and shivering with cold. On seeing him, Martin took his cape from his own shoulders, tore the garment in half, and covered the poor man to warm him. The following night Martin had a dream in which he saw Jesus wearing this same piece of his cape. The experience confirmed in him his devotion to all mankind regardless of their station in life. Martin went on to become the patron saint of beggars and friend to all children and was known for his gentleness, his unassuming nature and his ability to bring warmth and light to those in need.

The festival spread from France through Germany, the rest of Europe, and Scandinavia, and it is somewhat like American Thanksgiving — a feast of sharing and gratefulness. Because it is held in November, in this part of the world it occurs as autumn is ending and winter is coming on, marking a time of full barns and completed harvest in preparation for winter.

There are many feasts and festivals held during dark winter days, and one of the traditions of Martinmas is most endearing — that of children carrying lanterns in the dark while singing to keep light and music in the world.

In keeping with this tradition, our students will learn how to make candles and make paper transparencies.

We will end our day together with a warm bowl of nourishing soup and home made bread.

Enrollment is open, register to reserve your child’s spot today.  We only take 4 students per semester and the class will fill quickly!

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